Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High Ten

I know blogging is not the "cool" thing to do anymore but I enjoy reading my past post. I love seeing what was going on in my life each year. I can look back and know what month we closed on our house, when we got Whiskers or how long Trenton had his braces. It helps me keep track, pluse my Mawmaw who is 80 logges on her computer in Arab and can see her grands and great grands, who sadly, live an hour away from her now. I did this one year and it helps me keep track of what went on each year.. This is my list of the best things about 2013.
10. We were all healthy
9. We got to keep our Arab house
8. My car :)
7. Having my Theresa and Tracy time
6. Getting to have get togethers w our friends a lot more!
5. Our 7 day island family beach trip!
4. Blakes 1st full year with us!
3.We moved to Jerrico.., I mean New Market
2. Our WONDERFUL revival 
1. The Lord completed our family with CeAnna 

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