Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High Ten

I know blogging is not the "cool" thing to do anymore but I enjoy reading my past post. I love seeing what was going on in my life each year. I can look back and know what month we closed on our house, when we got Whiskers or how long Trenton had his braces. It helps me keep track, pluse my Mawmaw who is 80 logges on her computer in Arab and can see her grands and great grands, who sadly, live an hour away from her now. I did this one year and it helps me keep track of what went on each year.. This is my list of the best things about 2013.
10. We were all healthy
9. We got to keep our Arab house
8. My car :)
7. Having my Theresa and Tracy time
6. Getting to have get togethers w our friends a lot more!
5. Our 7 day island family beach trip!
4. Blakes 1st full year with us!
3.We moved to Jerrico.., I mean New Market
2. Our WONDERFUL revival 
1. The Lord completed our family with CeAnna 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Birthday boy :)

I'm the proud maker of a from scratch cake!!! Yay, me! All for a good cause>>>Blakes 17th birthdays tomorrow. Okay, this may sound weird but it shocked me that carrot cake has actual carrots in it.lol 

Another thing that shocked me was his birthday gift request was bedding!?! I love it! Maybe, that memory foam mattress he got for Christmas has  awaken his need to be pampered side. :))

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Happy almost birthday to my oldest son, Blake! Blake will be 17 years old on
the 21st. Blake is awesome! He should be the poster child to althoughs who blame their bad behavior on their childhoods. To look at him or talk to him you would never know the deplorable conditions he lived in before he came to live with us. Sadly, we were even unaware of most of it. We look forward to seeing him grow into what ever The Lord has in store for him to be. I look forward to seeing him graduate high school next year. Getting married, building his first house and one day way, way down the road giving Kevin and I some baby Blakes and Blake-ets. His future is so bright. You can't control who your born to. You can't control your childhood but you can choose not to let it make you bitter. Good can come out of bad. Blake has proved to me that people choose who they became in life! We couldn't be more proud of the man he is. We love you Blake!!! Happy birthday!  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Things I've made...

Here is a few things I have made for my house. It's obviously not every ones cup of tea, but its mine:) I was anthropologie before anthropologie was cool. Mostly, outta of necessity. Yard Sales, flee markets and my very, favorite, absolutely, free, side of the road, throw outs!!! I have made and sold a few of these. If your wanting some thing refinished with something like this or  wanting a sign made I will be glad to :) just let me know.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A pretty little bow on it!

It's done. The gifts have been opened, the stockings are down and my garbage can is overflowing with wrapping paper!       
We all racked up this year! When the kids start asking for clothes instead of toys its pretty awesome! Blake always wants stuff that I have to research ie: Mucks and Sent Loc vs Sent Block. However, I now know enough about bows (previous Christmas) to hold a conversation about what you should consider when shopping for one. Kevin stood inline on Black Friday morning to get Blake a queen, memory foam, mattress. He comes back with a box that looks like it could possibly contain a jail size twin mat. I was pleased and amazed  on Christmas morning when the mattress was outta the box that it looked normal and that his new queen sized sheets fit
 It perfectly. Blake is also the owner of the only LED TV in the house and he got a blue-ray DVD player that is Netflix ready :) yay and of course lots of clothes.  

Trenton got two Xbox games and so much Auburn stuff that it would make Gus Malzahn (or the "President" as Kevin likes to refer to him as) a little jelly. 

CeeCee is all about the clothes this year! Of course, it has to be all the stuff she likes. No more surprise though she has to try it on and approve it before I'm allowed to buy it. Teenage City! The little girl in her still wants the tags on the the presents to say: from Santa... Not mom and dad.  

Kevin got a ... What color truck was that again...???... Oh, yeah I think it was YELLOW truck for Christmas! I do like it! Not so sure about the yellow but hey it's his what ever makes him happy :)